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Access our comprehensive online training program with hundreds of exercises, sequencing ideas and full class videos.

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Why take an online course?

Study from the comfort of your own home. You set your timeline to complete and you can review any lessons that need extra attention.

  • Ask questions
  • Participate in online assignments
  • Access hundreds on videos using your phone, tablet or computer with internet access.
***No more traveling to trainings, squeezing everything into one day and trying to remember what was covered weeks or even months later.

Who is this course for?

Fitness Instructors

Do you currently lead group fitness classes but want to expand your area of expertise? 

Dance Instructors

Do you teach dance lessons but want to teach in a fitness setting?

Barre Instructors

Are you currently leading barre classes but are looking for new ideas for your classes?

Barre Enthusiasts

Take your love of barre beyond participatory. Learn how you can lead classes and share your passion.

What do you need to be a successful and in demand barre instructor?

Resources that not only make it easier to prepare for classes but also help make you more confident leading classes.

Course includes:

  • 9 Modules that include 24 video lessons with matching MP3 downloads and transcripts
  • Comprehensive video library for each exercise that includes set up, execution, progressions, regressions and modifications
  • Sequencing ideas for classes that include fitness, ballet, pilates and yoga.
  • Class plans to use as is or to use as a template to create your own
  • Exercises and worksheets to assist you in learning all the material covered.
  • Comprehensive choreography library that is added to each month with new exercise ideas, sequencing, choreography and class plan.
  • Formats you'll be trained to teach include: Cardio, Burn, Blend, HIIT, Ballet, Flow, mix barre in with your current formats or create your own signature format.
  • LIFETIME ACCESS - No Monthly fees, no licensing and no renewal fees. Lifetime access to the training, choreography library AND all updated content


Having a basic understanding of how the body moves is the first step to leading movement classes. In the first module learn the systems of the body as well as muscles and movement so that you can lead safe and effective barre fitness classes. 


Learn a variety of exercises you can use to challenge your students. We draw from ballet, dance, fitness, yoga and pilates. Video lessons walk you through each exercise, the proper set up, execution and modifications that can be given for each exercise.


Creating seamless transitions from one exercise to another can be challenging. But it also creates a flow in your class. Learn how to create fluid sequences in your classes. And with our complete choreography library you will never run out of ideas! 


Learn how to create more challenging sequences (as well as modifications) using a variety of props. Lessons include the use of a mounted barre, portable barre, chair, Bosu, free weights, squishy ball, gliders and a variety of resistance bands. Never run out of ideas!

Class Structure

Learn how to create a class plan. Memorize our proven class plans or use a template to create your own.  In this lesson you will learn a variety of formats you can use for your classes so your classes are always fresh and your students never plateau or get bored.


Music can be the driving force for your barre classes and it can set the cadence for your classes. In this lesson understand the beat, measure, phrase and more. We will also share where to find music for your classes and how to keep your classes fresh without a lot of prep time.


Leading classes goes beyond being a great participant. You must be able to effectively communicate using a variety of teaching methods. Learn teaching styles, methods of learning, stages of learning and how your voice can be developed.

Finding your first job

New? We walk you through how to land your first teaching job and how to grow as a barre instructor. Where to find teaching jobs, how to apply, the audition process and more. 

Instructor Development

Do you want to be an in demand barre instructor with waitlists? Learn the 7 strategies for being successful with all the competition. Improving your teaching skills will take you from being a good instructor to a great one!

"The training offered an immense amount of information for those who are already in the group fitness industry, as well as plenty of resources, skills, and strategies for new instructors. Resources, such as choreography, sample sequencing, and playlists, which we believe assists our instructors immensely."

Michele Ford
Group Fitness Director, West Chester University - West Chester, PA

"Our entire team was trained and we successfully launched the barre program with a daily wait list."

Group Fitness Director - Harbor Square Athletic Club - Seattle, WA

"I am happy that your program has all the videos for barre to keep me fresh. I know that with all the tools out there I will be successful!"

Sabrina Kay
Barre Instructor - Newport, RI

Share Your Passion

Expand your expertise with our comprehensive course and start sharing your passion as an in demand barre instructor!

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